One of the most common questions, when we talk about car shipping, is: How much does it costs? Many people think that the distance is the only factor that modifies the freight price, but there are some other points that can influence this matter. Today we’ll talk about it.

Below you’ll find a list of some other factors that can modify the final price of car shipping.

1. Delivery place accessibility

Sometimes, some delivery places can be closer from the origin than others and still have a more expensive shipping cost. How can this happen? Small towns, for example, can influence it. Capitals have easier access compared to some smaller cities and this is a really relevant factor to calculate the freight price.

2. Urgency of the delivery

Sometimes deliveries have priorities. If you have an emergency delivery, the price will probably be increased in order to find a quicker route or use a faster modal.

3. Car insurance

The cargo insurance type is an important factor of freight price, the freight risk is direct related to this, and so, the cost of handling.

In resume, It’s important to evaluate all your freight conditions in order to find the best price for your car shipping.

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