How to find the best company to ship your car

Car lovers and collectors are always looking to find a good way to ship their new vehicles overseas. Of course, they want to get their automotive acquisitions in a timely, secure and efficient manner. However, many people are not sure about how to choose the right freight forwarding company to take care of the shipment of their cars. Most of the time, this brings them to spend a lot of time searching for different prices and services before deciding which carrier would best fit their needs.

Today’s post intends to show you what aspects are important to be considered when choosing a company to ship a car in a safe and cost efficient way. We have listed a few tips to facilitate your decision and make your car shipping process simpler:


1. Smart online research

The internet has made it easier for people to find services they need. However, you can’t really trust anything you find online. It's necessary to do a deeper online research about those freight companies that have caught your attention.

To check if the freight forwarders you are interested in have a real expertise in car shipping, visit their website and social media profiles - as GCE's blog, for example. Take a look at the published contents to see if they are talking about car shipping, this might give you a better idea of the company know-how.


2. Look for feedbacks

When shipping a car, feedbacks of costumers are another good way to know if a freight company is trustworthy. It's possible to find these data on the business' web pages as well, especially on their social media profiles.

Check the company's reviews for this specific service. Get ahold of people that have already hired its car shipping services and ask them about their experiences to have a better understanding of the credibility of the freight forwarder.


3. Do not choose just by the lower price

Although it might be tempting to choose a logistics company just based on its cheap price, there are also other important factors you need to consider. Make sure you understand the quality of the car shipping service you want to hire, it is never too cheap without a reason. Sometimes it is better to go with a more expensive option, but that will assure you the safety of your vehicle.


4. Get in touch with them

Once you choose the freight forwarding companies you like to ship a car (based on the topics above), get in touch with their sales team so they can lead you to choose the best solution according to your needs. At GCE Logistics, for example, we are ready to talk to you and help you choose between our many car shipping options at an affordable rate!


5. Evaluate

After getting ahold of the freight forwarders you were interested in, decide which one best fits your transportation needs considering the aspects of safety, cost efficiency and time. Then you are all set to close the deal and get your car shipped as soon as possible!

With these tips, we hope to have helped you identifying a good and trustworthy car shipping company – such as GCE Logistics. Our team has all the structure and the logistics expertise to provide you the best solution to ship a car considering your needs and time restraints.

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