Car shipping methods – What is the best?

Shipping a car is a service of great responsibility. If you plan to transport a vehicle overseas, you need to find the best and safest transportation option to do that. There are three ways of shipping cars internationally: by air freight, RoRo or in containers. This post intends to discuss the benefits of each one of them so you can analyze what kind of shipping is appropriate for you.

Air Freight

Although air freight is considered the most expensive way to ship your vehicle, it is also the quickest. The transit time for this type of shipping is very short compared to RoRo and Containers. GCE can arrange to place your car on the next flight available to its destination

Our reliable agents are ready to take care of all the movement process, offering different solutions depending on your needs.


Roll-on Roll-off is the cheapest method of shipping cars. It consists of driving the vehicles inside large shipping vessels for transport overseas. This option services to individuals or corporations who wish to transport single or multiple vehicles.

Because of its cost efficiency, RoRo is very popular between exporters and importers. However, unlike airfreight, its geographical coverage is less extensive, considering it can only be arranged from major ports. RoRo car shipping also requires additional services depending on where your vehicle is leaving from and where its final destination will be.

It's important to remind that to ship by RoRo, your vehicle needs to be on working conditions for this kind of freight. Some ocean carrier lines will accept non-running vehicles upon the payment of additional fees.


Car shipping in containers is the safest and most reliable shipping method. On this method, you can ship your car in a sole use container or a consolidated container loaded with multiple vehicles going to the same destination.

The consolidated container option is cheapest because it allows customers to share the cost of ocean freight, customs clearance and port charges with other individuals. However, shipping on a sole container is faster because there is no need to wait for other vehicles to fill the container before departure.

This kind of freight requires your vehicle to be delivered to the shipping company’s warehouse prior to the departure date. GCE customers can benefit from free storage period using our warehouse facility and our 3rd party network terminals that covers all the main ports in US.

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