International car shipping: 4 mistakes to avoid

The need for vehicle transport abroad becomes necessary for many individuals, due to a range of different factors. You might need to transport your vehicle because you are moving overseas, or because you are building a car collection and want to import an antique or classic vehicle that is very rare to find or might just want to buy a car that is not for sale in your home country. Regardless of the many reasons why people need car shipping services, we need to acknowledge one thing: the process of transporting a vehicle is complex and involves a lot of different factors and it isn’t a job for an untrained and unprepared person to take alone.

Thankfully, there are many reliable international car shipping companies that are willing to carry out the shipping process for you to choose from. Choosing a reliable company, such as GCE Logistics, which has all the expertise in this kind of shipping, is essential for you to make sure your vehicle is lawfully and safely imported. The shipping company will know about all the processes involved in your car shipping demand, and how to deal with them and avoid any possible incidents.

On today’s post, we have listed some of the most common mistakes that could be made by people that are unfamiliar with overseas vehicle transport. We hope that reading this helps you to avoid making the same mistakes in case you need to ship your car overseas. Hiring an experienced car shipping company will not only prevent you from making any of these mistakes, it will also ensure that your vehicle arrives safely in its country of destination.

Check out the top 4 mistakes to avoid when it comes to international car shipping:


1. Not fulfilling country’s shipping requirements

An unprepared person, who doesn’t have the knowledge of car shipping requirements and policies in different countries, is more likely to face problems when shipping their vehicles. Hiring a reliable and experienced car shipper, like GCE Logistics, will ensure you total fulfillment of the import policy to whichever country you are shipping to, instructing you to gather all the documents needed, fill up the right forms and take every action to make customs process as smooth and quick as it can be.


2. Full payment before delivery is made

If you don’t conduct a good research on what car shipping company to hire, you might end up hiring a service with an unreliable company, which will tell you to make the full payment before you know your vehicle will be safely delivered to your home. Avoid these circumstances by doing your car shipping with a company like GCE Logistics, that will not only ensure that you know the full price the shipping will cost you (including taxes and customs fees) in advance to closing the deal, it will also make sure your car is safely delivered before accounting you for the full service price.


3. Bad vehicle preparation

Preparing the vehicle for international transportation is one of the most important steps to ensure its safety during the entire process. An unknowledgeable person will not know exactly what should be done to get their vehicle ready for the transport, and could end up risking their vehicle’s safety because they haven’t followed all the procedures. A good car shipping company will not only play an essential role during the transportation process, but will also be the right team to guide you about what should be done prior to the shipping of your car.


4. Improper insurance coverage

All authentic car shippers are required to have a car insurance included on their shipping services. However, be aware for any frauds! Another risk you could face by choosing an unreliable shipper is that their insurance plan is not very efficient and you could end up having some prejudice in case any damage happened to your vehicle. This is why, before hiring a car shipping service, make sure to ask about their coverage and what kind of insurance they offer. Incidents are unlikely to occur, but in case they do, better safe than sorry!

Now you are ready to make a smart decision when shipping your car abroad! Remember to hire a reliable company, which will make sure you avoid making any of these mistakes!

GCE Logistics is a leader in the car shipping company. Our years of experience combined with our professional and experienced staff will ensure your car shipping goes as smooth as it can! Click here to learn more about our car shipping solutions!

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