pharmaceutical shipping needs are growing as the medicine advances, pharmaceutical products as a whole grows more complex, diverse and specialized. There are many new medicines being developed by scientists, which combine the use of innovative therapies to combat of diseases that didn’t even use to have a treatment in the past.

The development of technology and globalization have not only improved the medical solutions for rare and critical diseases, it have also made it possible for people from all over the world to have access to these medications, even the ones from the most undeveloped countries, which are not able to produce these products on their own.

Logistics Challenges

This is where the supply chain professionals enter the scenario: they are the ones in charge of the entire logistics process to get these meds and pharmaceutical goods from their producers to the people who need them across the globe. However, this is not an easy job; logisticians face many challenges when dealing with this kind of transport. It requires special conditions of shipping along the whole way, to ensure that the medicines will reach their final destination in appropriate conditions to be used.

Considering there are lives depending on the safe arrival of these meds to different parts of the globe, this kind of job requires a lot of responsibility from all the parties involved. And the responsibility gets even higher, because even when they come in a small package, pharmaceutical shipments are usually enormously high-valued, and in case they are not delivered correctly, it could also cause a critical financial damage to the shipper.

Finding a Reliable Shipper

For this matter, the first thing to do in order to safely ship pharmaceutical products is to find a freight forwarding company that has the expertise and infrastructure in pharmaceutical shipping to attend to all the safety requirements involved in the transportation of medicine, providing appropriate routes, shipping solutions, packaging, climate conditions, etc.

Sometimes the solutions for these shipments can be as unique as the medicine themselves. New pharmaceutical therapies, for example, have been requiring different approaches than just the usual cold climate conditions. Things like humidity, light, and even movement-sensitivity (i.e., products that can’t be jarred during shipment) might be other shipping concerns. This is why finding a knowledgeable shipping partner, such as GCE Logistics, is the ideal to know what the best route and transportation methods are, as well as the correct preconditioning and configuring of temperature monitors, to correspond to the exact climate conditions the medication needs to be shipped with no risks.

Agility and Global Reach

Apart from the appropriate conditions, medicines also usually need to arrive at their destination quickly; there are people depending on them. This is why hiring a company that is able to provide integrated logistics services would be the perfect fit. GCE Logistics, for example, offers custom-based solutions, adapting them to best fit our clients’ necessities when it comes to respecting deadlines, finding the best kind of freight for the customers’ shipment, as well as providing competitive prices.

Another important factor in pharmaceutical shipping is relying on a shipping partner that has connections all around the globe. Medicine is needed everywhere in the world, and usually countries with less infrastructure are the ones that most rely on their shipping to treat their citizens. This is why, when choosing a freight forwarder, it is essential to consider a company that has connections in many different countries, being able to effectively ship your goods to a wide variety of destinations. GCE Logistics has connections with more than 1,000 partners around the world, being prepared to ship your pharmaceutical products to every continent with the same efficiency!

Regardless of how delicate and high-priced your product is, we have the perfect shipping solution for you! GCE is strongly committed to deliver your cargo safely, timely and hassle free. For more information about our shipping solutions,or talk to our sales team.