IOR EOR Services

We are aware of the amount of freight forwarding options you have when choosing someone to handle your cargo’s export or import processes. Each one of them will offer you different services, at different price ranges and it’s up to you what to consider when choosing the right one to fulfill your transportation needs. However, there are a few things to take into consideration when making that decision, and today we will speak about one in particular: hire a global forwarder that can also provide you with IOR/EOR services as part of their services.

IOR Importer of Record EOR Exporter of Record Services Explained…

Let’s start by recapping the basic concept of IOR EOR services (Importer and Exporter of Record). An importer or exporter of record is the entity in charge of ensuring transported goods are in compliance with all the country’s federal import and export regulations (customs, paying fees and taxes, etc). In other words, your IOR EOR services provider will be the legal representation you need in the country you are exporting to or from, in order to ensure the whole process runs as smooth as it can. You can read more about this concept and the importance of IOR EOR services on some of our older posts:

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Below you can check 3 reasons why choosing a reliable freight forwarder that provides IOR EOR services, such as GCE Logistics, is the best choice for your cargo’s transportation:


1. It will save you from having to establish legal representation in the country

If you hire a freight forwarder that doesn’t offer IOR EOR services as part of their services, you will need to either have a legal representative at the country you are exporting to or from, or outsource this service. On both cases, establishing a legal entity at the country of origin or destination of your cargo to take care of all the import or export processes or outsourcing it, would mean extra costs for you. This is why hiring a company like GCE Logistics, that offers you the full package, is a smart idea. You won’t have to worry about anything and the process will happen as smooth as it can be.


2. Simplification of shipments customs clearance

A company that provides IOR EOR services usually has a wide network of connections around the globe. GCE Logistics, for example, is ready to represent your import and export processes in over 50 countries. We are aware that import and export laws and regulations can vary from country to country, this is why in order to ensure the whole process is taken care of the way it needs to be, we count with professionals with full expertise on transporting to different countries. This way you will have full guidance during the whole process and won’t need to come up with any unnecessary documentation or pay any taxes that aren’t required for the country you are transporting to/from.


3. Payment of all export duties and taxes

Hiring a company that offers IOR EOR services will also provide you the full infrastructure to ship and store your cargo if needed. At GCE Logistics we provide storage and warehousing service, if required by customer. Apart from that, we take responsibility for the payment of any import or export duties, taxes and customs fees, and you won’t have any unfortunate surprises with an additional cost. We also keep the records of your import or export operation for the minimum duration required by law, in order to ensure you will have it in hands in case you need it and won’t get any fines for not providing authorities with proper documentation regarding your cargo.

If you are in need of any professional advice for your import or export operations, contact our logistics professionals at GCE Logistics! We are ready to assist you with any doubts you might have! You can also to learn more about our IOR EOR services.