how to choose freight forwarder

how to choose freight forwarder ?

When we talk about lucrative businesses, one way or another we'll think about importing and exporting. Although these two processes can generate great business opportunities, they can also seem challenging.

Regulations, paperwork and all details involved in international trade may seem intimidating, but you don't need to take care of all this to make your company grow overseas, that's why freight forwarding companies exist.

However, what makes a trustful freight forwarding company? That is what we are going to tell you in this article.

1 - Experience

Many unexpected things can happen on international freight. A great Freight Forwarder knows every single step of importing and exporting processes and has the ability to anticipate solutions for every detail out of schedule.

Rule number one is: Be sure that the freight forwarding company you're hiring has business experience. You can always ask to know more about successful cases they have already done!

2 - Global coverage

It is very important to know if your Freight Forwarding company has a reliable partner to take care of the cargo once it gets on the final destination. Don't forget to ask about the international logistics partners and how the process will proceed to delivery.

3 - Personalized and dedicated customer service.

A customer-oriented company is another key quality you should look for in your Freight Forwarder. If the company pays attention to your needs and your doubts, they will do the same with your cargos.

4 - Frequent follow-ups

Once you already made the deal and the transportation is ongoing, your cargo's follow-up has to be very frequent and a good Freight Forwarder is always proactive on this aspect. This is a key point to decide to keep your partnership with your freight supplier.

With those points covered you'll be headachefree!

To know more about what a really great Freight Forwarder do, get in touch with us. GCE is always ready to help you succeed.

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