London Brighton Veteran Car Run takes place in England Every first Sunday in November, , the oldest car race in the world.

With its first edition in 1896, The London Brighton Veteran Car Run completes in 2016, 120 years of existence and has not happened only during World War II.

The event, organized by the Royal Automobile Club of Brighton, starts in the city of London and finishes in Brighton. With its 90 km route, this race only allows the participation of cars manufactured until 1905 and, amazingly, most of them comes to the end without any problems.

Allowing the participation of cars with a combustion engine, steam or electric, the race had an impressive average of 500 subscribers in recent years, including vehicles both 3 for 4 wheel.

This event brings guaranteed fun and has attracted many tourists to the cities.

See the video of the event, which this year will take place on November 6. LINK

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