Curiosities about car’s history

Today, cars are fundamental in our routine, but do you know when they first appeared? When was the first car produced? Many people like, and even collect old cars, but not everyone knows how this product became so important in our daily lives, we'll tell you below!

The first vehicle

In 1885 the German engineer, Karl Benz, produced in the German city of Mannheim, the first motor vehicle for commercial purposes. This car, called Motorwagen (motor car) had only three wheels and a gasoline engine. Among its features, it had a crank starter system and can reach up to 18km / h. Comparing it with the machines we know today, it's possible to imagine how was this vehicle, right?

Four wheels

The following year, in 1886, another German engineer, Gottlieb Daimler, invented the first four-wheeled vehicle, with these characteristics, most similar to we use today, this model had internal combustion, however, its maximum speed was 16km /h.

From this, the changes began to happen. Since then, cars have evolved, and in 1892, Henry Ford produced his first Ford in North America.


Due to the law of red flag, passed in 1878 in England, which required that all cars were preceded by a person waving a red flag as a warning sign, the British were a little late compared to other European countries. This law also limited the maximum speed that the car could reach, delaying the development of vehicles in the country. The law was overturned in 1896.

The following year, in 1897, was produced the first English car, called Lanchester. In 1904 came the famous Rolls Royce, until nowadays admired by car collectors.

Europe followed with the production of cars. In Italy, the best-known names are Fiat and Alfa-Romeo, in Germany, Mercedes-Benz, in France, names like De Dion Bouton, Berliet, Rapid, are most famous. Switzerland and Spain invested in more luxurious cars like Hispano-Suiza.

After World War started the production system called Fordism. Fordism were based on producing vehicles in a series. After the war, the manufacturers have opted for a cheaper production line with more compact cars and following this form of production. Henry Ford in the United States and William Morris in England, are the main names in this production model. Ford, Morris and Austin are the models produced at the time. With good sales results, other factories quickly began to use the same production system in their business.

Nowadays, many manufacturers still opt for this line production in series, offering better prices of products to the market.

Now that you know a little more about the history of car’s production and about the first one produced, do you remember some interesting fact or curiosity about it? Tell us!

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