4 things to know about Overseas Car Transportation

Buying cars are always exciting and when you do great deals is even better!

Sometimes the great deals come with the need of shipping the car overseas. In the next lines you will see some valuable tips that will help you to assure a safe travel to your car.

1. Choose the way you want your car to be shipped.

The first choice to make on an overseas car transportation process is how your car will be shipped. For this, you have 3 options.

  • Ocean freight containers
  • Via Roll On-Roll Off vessels
  • Air Freight

After you choose the best option to your need, you are ready to look for your options of Car Transporters.

If you want to know details about each option of car shipping, check that blog post we wrote about it.

2. Find a real professional Car Transporters.

Search for specialists!

Car transportation is very different from all other kinds of transportation. From the beginning, the Transporter has to give you all the details and make you a part of the process, that’s the difference between pros and amateurs.

Stay with the pros, your out coming will worth it, it’s guaranteed.

3. Get to know each step of the transportation process:

Is very important that you have information about every step of your car transportation and how your car will be handled in each one of those steps. Once you know that, you’ll be ready to receive quotes from the Shippers you selected and chose the best one!

4. Evaluate the quotes (for real):

It’s normal to go directly to the price when we get different quotes for the”same” services, but when we are talking about Car Shipping you have to look over the services included first (with attention). That’s easy now that you already know each part of the process.

When you make sure that all parts of the transportation are covered on the quotes, then you can evaluate the price. That’s a golden tip! Once you do this, you’ll be sure of not being charged for any “extra” service after the car delivering.

GCE is a specialized car transporter from and to the Middle East. Contact us here if you want to know how we have already done hundreds of successful overseas Car Transportation.