Car Shipping Tips – What’s the better option for Car Shipping?

If you ever will need to move a car from one country to another, you’ll ask yourself that question: “What’s the better option for shipping my car?”

The true is there’s not a unique answer, the best option for you is the one that meets your needs. To help you we are going to present you the three existing options and you can evaluate what’s the best for your situation.

Types of Transport Available: Vehicles can be shipped in one of three ways – In ocean freight containers, via Roll On-Roll Off vessels, and as Air Freight.

Option 1: Containerized Shipping (by sea)

There are global rules for Containerized Car Shipping. They ensure that the car has to be adequately blocked and braced in the container and no more than 6 small cars in a regular 40′ container (yours and other 5).

It’s important to know that you should guarantee that this has to be done by very experienced packing professional to avoid any damages in your car.

Option 2: Roll-on/Roll-Off (RORO) (by sea)

On RORO process, the car goes in specialized vessels and is lashed down inside the ship.

With RORO your car will safe and ready to get to its destination.

The process of rolling the car in and out is simpler than containerizing it, so it can be done by the port employees, reducing costs with specialized packing people.

Option 3: Air Freight

If you are searching for fast car shipping, that should be your choice.

The car goes safely inside the cargo plane and gets on the final destination a lot faster than by sea. The costs are significantly higher, but that’s a cost-benefit relationship.

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