Tips to become Cars collectors

It is common to find several car collectors around the world. You can find collections ranging from simple models to luxurious ones. Buying an antique car is often compared to the purchase of a work of art and, as such investment, the collection of cars also requires time, taste and care.

First of all, search!

To start a collection, don’t be guided by emotion. A price and model research should be made before anything. The antique cars are usually purchased by direct sale, auction, or imports, and each of these steps requires a different attention.

When thinking of an initial purchase, it's important to keep in mind the model you want, and how much you can spend on it; the values in antique cars can reach the most expensive costs. Consult old car salesmen, attend events and read specialized publications, can help a lot at the beginning of this new hobby. Auctions are the best places to get a real sense of the value of an antique car, because there, it's possible to see how much people are willing to pay for it.

Start your hobby with a car that initially won't need a lot of restoration. Buy only after a deep search, talking to antique cars salesman, and ensure that it is the best option.

Direct sales

Buying an antique car directly from the owner must take into consideration the same care that is taken once purchasing a used car. It's important to know the car's history, if it has already been involved in an accident, if it has any pendant debts, etc.


Each auction has its own rules so, it's important to search about the event before participating. Come to the auction with the idea of the model you desire, this way, you minimize the risk of get carried away by other options. Make sure you know how much you can spend, to not overextend your budget.

The vehicles that will be auctioned are usually exposed before the event, so it is a good opportunity to examine the car before starting the offerings.


As for imports, each country has its rules and red tape for input and output of products. Make sure you know all conditions of your region, so you don’t have any surprises at the time of the purchase. A freight forwarder can help you with these bureaucratic issues and ensure that your delivery will be made in the best way possible.

Now that you know a few tips on how to start a collection of cars, please contact us to learn more about car shipping and other services we offer.

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