5 tips to start a successful car collection

Many people dream of having a car collection, however, not everyone is able to accomplish that. A common reason to postpone this dream is that prospective car collectors are usually unsure about what steps to take in order to begin a collection.

With today’s post, we intend to share some key tips of how to start and maintain a nice and well thought fleet of classic cars. We hope to help guiding you through the main things that you should know before becoming a car collector.


Define where to store your collection

If you don’t have plenty of space in your home garage and plan on getting many cars for your collection, the first thing you should think about is where you are going to store these vehicles. Whether you decide to do it in a warehouse or a specialized facility, there are a few things you should consider when choosing the location.

Make sure the place has the ideal size and proper conditions to store cars in it. This way you can have the tranquility to know your cars are being well maintained and you won’t have to spend much money with their maintenance. Apart from that, the storage place should also be close to your home, so you can easily have access to your cars when you want to go for a ride or in case an emergency happens.


Choose themes to guide what to buy

Car lovers usually focus on specific characteristics, such as style, year of fabrication or brands to help shape their collection. When you have a focus and know exactly what kind of car you are looking for, it is easier to find the right vehicles. This will not only facilitate becoming a collector, it will also add more value to it, because your fleet of cars will be more than just random vehicles you like, it will be aligned to a certain theme or idea.


Search about other people’s collections

After knowing what line you are basing your collection on, it might be a good idea to analyze other people’s collections that interest you. Talking to some car collectors and getting to know their vehicles might give you some ideas and guidance on how to begin your own collection. A good way to do that is joining car clubs and associations; they are the perfect places for you to interact with other car lovers and get some technical advice and leads on where to buy car parts, for example.


Find a good car shipping company

Most car collectors wish to import vehicle from other locations in order to complete their fleet of cars with some that are possibly not available in their country of origin. Therefore, an essential part of collecting car is having a trustworthy shipping company to take care of these services for you efficiently and cost effectively.

GCE Logistics, for example, is a great option for whoever needs to transport their cars. Our company is a leader in automotive logistics, with shipping terminals covering all major ports in the USA and providing shipping a wide range of solutions from there to all Middle East destinations.


Join car groups and events

In order to incorporate your passion for cars into your daily life, nothing better than surrounding yourself with people who share the same tastes.  Being part of groups where you can talk about the subject and attending events where you can take out your cars and show them to other car lovers are great ways to be passionate and motivated about your collection. You can also attend to races and auctions, where you can start networking with like-minded collectors whose opinions and taste you can trust.


If you are already a car collector or wishing to become one in the future, keep in mind that GCE Logistics is the best solution to transport your vehicles in a safe and efficient way. Our company is ready to arrange everything you need, from collecting and loading your car, to delivering it to its final destination at anywhere in the Middle East.

We offer a variety of services according in order to best comply with your time and cost restraints, such as car shipping in container, by RORO, by air freight and car dismantling and parting. Contact us or check out our website for more information about our car shipping services!



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