How to maintain antique cars ? :

We have already talked about tips to be a car collector. This is a very interesting hobby, but like all other collections requires care to maintain the quality and value. If you already have a collection, or want to start this hobby, learn how to maintain antique cars and about car care tips that you must have:


Maintenance of antique cars must be specialized. This work should be done by a professional who understands about antique cars, this is mandatory once the cars have a different technology than the one used today.


It’s important to keep the car always in a clean condition. Beware that moisture is dangerous, because it can build up on edges and friezes causing oxidation – the ideal type of cleaning, is to make it on a dry way, and work with a specialized product. The cleanliness is essential to prevent the paint wear.

Motor drive:

Even if the car is not for everyday use, it requires to be set in motion. The owner should always put the car on the road to circulate the engine oil, water and balance the temperature of the vehicle. The ideal situation is to the motor be driven at least once a week; If the car has a carburetor problem, then it must be at least three times a week.


The tires must be calibrated periodically to ensure they are always in good condition for circulation.

These are just a few tips that can help keep antique cars as new. General maintenance as supply, oil check, water, security products, among other factors, must be points of attention, not just for cars collectors.

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