Daily Car Care Tips

Daily Car Care Tips :

Today, let's take more suggestions for car care that may be useful daily.

People may think that keep a car always clean is a matter of vanity, but what many people don't know is that this care adds value to the car, keep the paint and avoid damage. Experts say that prevention can take more work, but the long-term is economically better than having to make repairs!

Check out some points of attention to keep your car always looking like new:


To protect the bodywork of your car, always keep it protected from sunlight and rain. The sun attacks the varnish ink and can leave the whitish surface.

At night leave the car in the serene can also damage the paint, because the serene is acidic, and loaded pollution, especially in large cities.

Cars are exposed to climate conditions usually, have the paint worn faster. It's advisable to leave the car always in a closed place to prevent damages.

A custom of many cars lovers is to protect them with covers, which also is not very advised by experts in the field. The covers act as greenhouses and preclude "breathing", aggravating the exposure effect of the car in the sun, worsen the conditions of the bodywork. Ideally, when using a protection like this, choose the thermal model. Always consult a specialist before buying a protective cover.

Car wash:

It's very important to keep a well-maintained car, especially the antiques, using specialized products for automotive cleaning. Using cosmetics is never recommended.

Wash the car always in the shade, removing the product completely, and then drying it. It's ideal using a cotton cloth to prevent scratches and damage to the bodywork.

Leather seats:

The interior of cars also requires constant care and the leather seats require special care, mainly lighter colors. To clean this type of material, pass only a wet cloth may damage it. It's best using specialized products for leather cleaning.

These are just a few tips of care we must have constantly with our cars. Nowadays, many people have this object as one of the largest personal property and, thus, is very important keep it always maintained.

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