Many questions arise when talking about car shipping routes. When people need to move, buy or sell a car, it’s common to have doubts on how this vehicle is going to be transported over long distances.

We already know that there is suitable equipment for this kind of transport, and specialized companies in this segment, who are responsible for delivering cars worldwide, safely.

GCE is specialized in international car shipping to and from the Middle East, providing the most reliable international car shipping services to the region, so we’ll answer some questions about this service.

Normally, for car shipping by land freight, Stork trucks and truck platform are used, depending on product size, the number of vehicles and if is a delivery of emergency. The first one, the Stork truck is a two-story truck, which normally holds up to 11 cars. The second, the truck platform, is an open truck, which has a sturdier structure and, besides taking passenger cars, is also used for transporting larger vehicles such as vans and trucks. Your freight forwarder will know which one is better for your needs.

Before starting the transportation it’s necessary to confirm with your freight forwarder the documentation required to move that product, considering that each type of cargo and each location has specific laws and a bureaucracy to follow.

A very recurrent question on car shipping service is about its value. We talked about it here a few weeks ago, that there are some factors that can influence the car shipping value. To have an accurate estimative of your car shipping price is important to define all the operation data before the process.

Not only for car shipping but for any type of delivery, care is essential in order to avoid any damage to the product.

To learn more about car shipping, International car shipping to the middle east is now much easier with GCE Logistics!