The Internet has enabled businesses and entrepreneurs to explore uncharted market territories. Globally, we have the example of Amazon that has been ruling the e-commerce landscape for quite some time now. Similarly, Noon is the leading e-commerce platform in the Middle East. That would hire something called Amazon IOR Importer of Record or Noon IOR Importer of Record. And if we look closer to the ground, then there are hundreds and thousands of e-commerce ventures that exist only because their respective target markets are connected and online.

But it has been noticed that only a handful of e-commerce businesses dare to scale up their operations, services, and products to far-off lands. In other words, they are not making the most of the global marketplace enabled by the Internet. The most recurrent reason why many local e-commerce outlets don’t scale up their business is that they don’t want to get into all the hassle of importing. Where they will need to hire Amazon IOR Importer of Record or Noon IOR Importer of Record who are specialized in such activity.

You can swiftly reach out to potential customers online. They can place their orders and can pay you digitally. But, in the end, you still need the conventional import mechanism to deliver the products to an overseas consumer base. This is where Importer of Record IOR services come into play that can also help you in scaling up your business if it involves going overseas. If you are working with an expert e-commerce Importer of Record, then it will pay you a dividend in many different ways.

Let’s see how working with a seasoned e-commerce IOR Importer of Record can prove to be a catalyst for your scaling up work. Design History

An Expert E-commerce IOR Importer of Record Will Cut Down the Turnaround Time

It won’t be an exaggeration to say that turnaround and downtime is a matter of life and death for businesses. A higher client attrition rate is waiting for you if you are not able to increase turnaround time. If we particularly look at this in the context of e-commerce business, then a venture that takes 3 weeks to deliver a particular consignment overseas can’t compete with a contender that promises to deliver the same cargo within two weeks.

In many cases in either Amazon IOR Importer of Record or Noon IOR Importer of Record, the quick turnaround time even takes precedence over the quality of a product. This means clients prefer to work with a business that is able to deliver the products fast, albeit with a minor plunge in the quality.

Now, if you are scaling up your business overseas, you need to be quite efficient with your supply chain. The first impression is the last impression. If you are failing to fulfill the promises you have made with your initial clients in a new overseas market, you should forget about building a meaningful clientele from there.

So, if you are dealing with your imports on your own when it’s not your forte by any means, then it is very unlikely that you will be able to have a smooth importation process in place. On the other hand, e-commerce Importers of Record (Amazon IOR Importer of Record or Noon IOR Importer of Record ) are particularly there to help you with the very same process. They can make sure your imports reach their destination within the prescribed deadline. There are two major reasons why seasoned e-commerce IOR Importer of Records are able to promise quick turnaround times.

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1) E-commerce IOR Importer of Record, Are Not New Importer

Experienced IORs don’t experience the bureaucratic cold shoulder that is reserved for new importers. It is now a set norm in many countries where new importers are actively discouraged. By opting to be your own shipper and consignee in a foreign land, you can fall into a spiral of red-tapping and compliance measures. It will affect your productivity, especially if you are working with a small team (that many e-commerce ventures do) but will also result in inevitable delays.

2) E-commerce IOR Importer of Record Know the Hacks

Sometimes it feels like customs officials, no matter what’s their destination port, are stationed to delay the consignments. While it’s true that many times custom officials are the reason behind delayed shipments, putting the entire blame on them would also be not right. They are also bound by the rules and regulations and the “fine print” of the relevant legislation. As a new and amateur importer, it is very likely that you won’t be able to go past the customs-related blocks in a timely fashion.

Expert e-commerce Importers of Record that oversee global import footprint, they really know how to get around the customs landmines. Moreover, customs officials also get familiar with recurrent importers (IOR service providers). This familiarity also turns into leniency that eventually works in your favor.

An Expert E-commerce IOR Importer of Record Will Save You in Taxation and Duties

It is no secret that governments heavily tax importers in the name of many different levies. If, on the one hand, you are scaling up your business, on the other hand, you also need to streamline or rather control your expenses. It is an economics 101 that if business scale-up is using up a lot of capital, then it will offset any potential gains. In short, scaling up your e-commerce venture is not going to yield the desired results if you are not keeping the expenses in check.

Importer of Record knows the respective tax and duties applicable at different ports of destination. They also know all the instances and clauses where a business can get a cutback on the payments it has to make in the name of taxes. Moreover, e-commerce sellers often have to tax their imported goods from a different matrix.  For instance, European VAT rules are slightly different for e-commerce sellers and goods in comparison to other importers.

In short, an expert e-commerce IOR Importer of RecordAmazon IOR Importer of Record or Noon IOR Importer of Record )would know how to get your goods cleared from the port with the least amount of tax payment. Paying a reasonable fee to IORs to deal with your imports in comparison to paying hefty duties because you don’t know the nitty-gritty of how to avail the tax relief— it is certainly a tradeoff you need to consider. Factoring in both these scenarios is more important if you want to scale up your business and have a plan to stay in the overseas market for a long time.

Besides these direct and primary ways in which an expert e-commerce IOR Importer of Record can help you in scaling up your business, there are some areas where they indirectly but effectively help you with expanding your digital business to new markets.

You Don’t Need to Hire Customs Brokers

In many countries, it is mandatory to work through a liaison of a customs brokerage. They are different from customs officials. Their job is to actually make sure a shipment is complying with all the laws and oversee the clearance from the designated customs officials. Expert global Importers of Records work with their own dedicated custom brokers. At destinations where they don’t have one, Importers of Records make tentative arrangements.

In short, if you are working with a seasoned e-commerce IOR Importer of Record, you won’t have to get in the hassle of dealing with a foreign custom broker and paying them a fee. A saved up cost and a time spared because you don’t have to deal with yet another foreign officials can definitely be put to better use in other scaling-up work.

You Don’t Need to Set up an Import Desk

Once, scaling up a business would almost always entail setting up a new department or desk. But it’s not a stipulation for business expansion anymore. When the majority of startups, particularly e-commerce ventures, are operating out of a single room and sometimes even from a single desk, there is no room to expand and scale-up physically.

But import is not a task that every jack of trade can manage. So, if your scaling-up plan involves exploring the overseas market, then you need to have a dedicated import desk under a full-time specialist. Setting up a desk, or in other words, extending your office would certainly need you to spare a good amount of upfront cost. Moreover, hiring a staff involves an overhead expense you can’t shy away from.

This is a major reason why many e-commerce entrepreneurs entirely drop the idea of scaling up. In setting up a new desk and hiring new people, they see a zero-sum game. By availing the services of an expert e-commerce IOR Importer of Record, you can get around that difficult decision-making altogether. In a fraction of expenses that you would spend on having your own import desk, you can get experienced import experts on board that will make your overseas supply-chain work like a well-oiled machine.

The Peace of Mind

Scaling up has its own frenzy. When coupled with the work and worry of imports, it becomes a double whammy. And when you are managing imports from your own office, you have to supervise it no matter who is the designated in-charge of that work. By handing it over to expert e-commerce Importers of Records, you can sit back and relax, at least regarding the imports and contact us through our designed quote form (here) to help you out in getting E-Commerce IOR Importer of Record Service