With globalization and the development of technology, selling internationally has become one of the main targets for freight forwarders to invest on. People have been using online outlets to get their goods delivered to them fast and efficiently from anywhere in the world. Therefore, knowing how to offer good international shipping solutions to an audience who is most likely abroad is essential for a logistics company to stand out from competitors nowadays.

This not only requires expertise and good infrastructure, but also that logistics companies adapt to the new market trends, in order to expand the reach of their business and offer reliable solutions. Showing reliability is very important, especially when trying to engage with an audience who is interested on hiring international shipping solutions – considering these are services that usually require a lot of trust from the client.

In order to facilitate your international shipping demands, today we will give you 4 tips to make sure this process is as smooth as it can be! Check them out:

Choose shipper company wisely

There are countless choices of logistics companies that can handle your international shipping available in market. However, it is important to do a detailed and careful research before you decide which one to hire. Make sure you choose a company with all the know-how in logistics, powerful relationships with freight forwarders around the world and positive feedbacks from previous clients.

At GCE Logistics, for example, our experienced staff has wide knowledge in the international market, being able to suggest the ideal kind of shipping for you, according to things like how much you are willing to spend, what your time restraints are or the destination you need your goods to be sent to.

Understand Country’s specifications

When it comes to international shipping, it is important to acknowledge that each country has its own customs regulations and restrictions. Aiming to avoid having any problems with customs that could delay your cargo’s arrival, it is important that you hire a logistics company that has a deep knowledge on each country’s specific regulations. This way, you can be sure that your goods are going to be handled the right way, ensuring a smooth and safe shipping process.

GCE Logistics has a team with not only local, but also deep international knowledge about each country’s regulations. Therefore, we are ready to provide our customers with full assistance on what kind of documentation they need to ensure their shipping will face no problems with customs.

Know the shipping costs

Once you have done your research and chosen the possible companies that could be handling your international shipping needs, make sure you are aware of all the costs that will be involved in the shipping process, so you won’t have any unpleasant surprises. Knowing the full price of your shipping (including all fees and taxes) will allow you to compare prices between the logistics companies you are considering to hire, and analyze which one offers the most cost effective solution.

At GCE Logistics, we offer complete door-to-door solutions, taking full responsibility on the payment of any costs related to your cargo’s shipping. Apart from that, we allow our clients to know the full price of the international shipping upon the closure of the deal, that way, clients can know exactly what they will have to pay for and plan themselves.

Protect your shipping

Another relevant topic to consider when shipping a cargo internationally, is hiring a good insurance. Even when you are transporting your goods with the most reliable freight forwarding company available in the logistics market, incidents can happen, and you want to make sure that in case they do, they won’t seriously prejudice you.

This is  why hiring a company that offers a trustworthy insurance program, like GCE Logistics, is the best option for you to have the peace of mind that your cargo is protected and there won’t be any financial damages to your business in case something happens with it.

GCE Logistics has the ideal choice for fully attending to your international shipping needs. Our team is ready to assist you with solutions that combine market expertise with complete infrastructure on all the shipping modals available.

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