Shipping cargo to Dubai (Shipping companies, Freight Forwarders, documents, time frame and more).

In the past years, Dubai has become a very important location, especially when we think of exports and imports. More and more goods are shipped every day between Dubai and the rest of the world.

Whether for business or pleasure, there is a growing need to ship items from or to Dubai.

Is important to know that there are some important things to keep in mind when you need to import or export something to/from Dubai, and that’s what we are going to clarify here.

1 – Find a reliable and experienced Freight Forwarder in the Middle East: This company or person can help you with every detail needed and really knows how international logistics happens in Dubai.

The freight forwarder is not the shipping company, if you want to know about the difference between them.

2 – Make sure you have all the required documents:

  • Original Bill of Lading copies
  • Commercial Invoice
  • Packing List
  • Certificate of Origin
  • Commercial invoice from the exporter addressed to the importer detailing total quantity, goods description and total value for each item.
  • Original certificate of origin approved by the chamber of commerce at the country of origin detailing the origin of goods.
  • Detailed packing list as per weight, the method of packing and HS code for each individual article contained in the shipment.
  • Import permit from the competent agencies in the event of importing restricted goods or duty exempted goods.

3 – Check the time frame: The time frame of a shipment depends on a lot of factors (shipping company, weather, how many stops the vessel makes along the way, etc) but it’s important to know the estimative. Your freight forwarder will accord this with the Shipping Company in Dubai and can inform you.

With those points covered, you should not have head-ached to ship your goods from or to Dubai.

GCE is one of the most experienced Freight Forwarders in the Middle East and is taking care of many shipments from/to Dubai every day. If you have any more questions, let us know here.