If your business involves imported and exported goods, then there is no way to get around the provisions of customs clearance. You might be able to get your exports cleared on the destination ports of your own country. However, it is one heck of a task to get your things cleared on the overseas ports without the help of experienced Importers of Record (IOR).

Instances When You Should Outsource It

Here, we are going to discuss the cases where you should resort to Importer of Record IOR and Exporter of Record EOR services for customs clearance.

Working with a Few Export/Import Declarations

If you are working with a couple of exports/import declarations, then it won’t be wise to set up an entire in-house department for dealing with customs clearance. Freight forwarders, Importers of Record (IOR) and Exporters of Record (EOR) can be of great assistance when there are limited import and export declarations to deal with. where you can try and get quote.

If You Are Offered a Collect Offer

Many Importers of Records IORs and Exporters of Records EORs put forward collect offers on a particular number of line items and import/export declarations. If that number matches with what you are operating with, then you should go to professional Importer or Exporter of Record.

When You Can Take Care of Customs Clearance on Your Own

If you have to deal with a bulk of import/export declarations, then it might be better to devise a dedicated in-house team for that. However, even in this instance, it is better if you do the cost analysis of cargo handling beforehand on your own.

You can also go for customs clearance on your own if you are shipping to countries that offer free customs clearance systems.

Advantages of Outsourcing Your Customs Clearance to EORs and IORs

There are multiple benefits of outsourcing your customs clearance to EORs and IORs.

  • Dealing in imported and exported goods might not be your business’s core competency. You might experience administrative overburden by dealing with cargo clearance on your own. You can protect your business from that unnecessary and unproductive work by availing the services of Exporter of Record EORs and Importer of Record IORs.
  • Customs laws are ever-changing provisions. A business can’t keep tabs on all the updates happening in custom laws all around the world if it doesn’t have relevant professionals.

It’s not necessary to have the same customs clearance IOR approach all the time. Keep in mind the overall profitability and administrative load while deciding what clearance option will turn out best for you.