Role of CBP Importer of Record USA (IOR) on the Backdrop of US’s Legal Landscape

CBP Importer of Record USA (IOR) services play an integral part in the extensive shipping and customs landscape. If we particularly talk about the role of an CBP Importer of Record USA (IOR) in shipping the good into the US, then they have the first and foremost job of guaranteeing it to the CBP that shipped goods are legal.

Besides that, a CBP Importer of Record USA (IOR)  also takes care of the all outstanding duties on any imported good. Let’s take an in-depth look at the role and responsibilities of a CBP Importer of Record USA (IOR)  on the backdrop of the US legal landscape.

CBP Expects Voluntary Compliance from IOR Services

Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) is the main federal regulator that deals with IOR services. In most of the cases, it prefers self-compliance for any entity that wants to assume the role of an IOR service. This is usually done through extensive staff training, self-assessment programs, and self-auditing programs. Moreover, good communication and having a good working relationship with executive level management also helps an IOR service with voluntary compliance.

However, CBP is well within its rights to enforce a mandatory compliance regimen for an Importer of Record (IOR) if it finds out any discrepancy.

Other Federal Agencies Can Override CBP Provisions

It is important to mention here that some of the federal US agencies and regulators can override the CBP directives to stop the entry of any imported goods. Therefore, it is important for any CBP Importer of Record USA (IOR)  that wants to work in the US to make its shipping requirements compliant with these agencies as well.

For instance, The Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and the Consumer Product Safety Commission can deny an Importer of Record to ship anything into the US on the basis of safety concerns.

Customs Modernization Act of 1993 Outlines the Role of CBP Importer of Record USA (IOR)

Through federal legislation in 1993, the customs authority clearly defined the role of any IOR service. The main objective of the legislation was to streamline the import tax collection and to rule out the importation of illegal items through IOR services.

Having Power of Attorney Is a Must

To work as a CBP Importer of Record USA (IOR)  in the US an off-site entity, an entity must assign a power of attorney to manage the importations. where you can get connected with us though this form.