Today we are going to show you how important it is to hire a freight forwarding company that is able to guide you through your shipment’s customs clearance process.

Goods are exported and imported every day, but in order to ensure they will reach their destination safely and timely, it is necessary to hire a logistics company, as GCE Logistics, that understands the legal custom requirements of each country, in order to make this transit process smooth.

Although the procedures and conditions may vary according to the country’s customs, this process can be complex regardless of where you are sending your shipment. If you don’t know how to handle the customs clearance of your shipment the appropriate way, it can cause a significant impact on your business practices and operating costs.

Here is why you should let an experienced forwarding agent lead you through the customs clearance process:


It will work according to your needs

A freight forwarder that understands about customs processes as GCE will be able to identify the most appropriate customs regime to support your business. It will consider things like your costs and time restraints to define what the best customs clearance strategy is and make sure your shipments will meet all the legal requirements of that country in a cost efficiently manner.


It will provide advising

A forwarding agent will be able to advise you about everything you need to know, such as import licenses, classification, valuation, duty reliefs and end-use. This will make you understand better about what your investment will be and about the whole process that your shipment will go through before getting to its final destination.


It will analyze all the documentation

You won’t need to worry about dealing with all the documentation involved in a customs clearance process. The freight forwarder you hire – GCE, for example – must be in charge of analyzing it all, verifying if you have the right documentation to meet with the country’s requirements and deliver solutions that ensure measurable reductions to your duty and tax liability.


It will avoid delays of delivery

Considering that having timely deliveries are an essential point to any international trader, this is one of the most important reasons you should hire a company to be in charge of your shipments’ customs clearance. It will plan ahead and prepare everything needed to have your goods delivered to their final destination by the stipulated deadline.

GCE Logistics has all the expertise in customs clearance and our team is ready to help you ensuring that your freight experience is as smooth as it can be. We offer specialized, custom-based solutions to best fit your needs! or contact us for more information about our customs clearance services.