Worldwide Shipments and the Role of IOR Global Services

Want to ship equipment into a country and don’t have any prior experience of doing this? Then prepare for exhausting and time-consuming bureaucratic delays from the importation country due to your lack of knowledge. Import laws and compliances are different for every country and any one-time shipper, freight forwarder or consignee can’t be aware of them all at once. as well as Global Importer of Record.

Here, the role of IOR Global Services gets highlighted manifold. Global IOR services have their importation networks spread all across different countries. They have the importing licenses (if needed) of the respective destinations. They know what compliances are needed to be met in order to get the customs clearance for any country.

The Hands-on Support Offered by the IOR Global Services

There are certain things that Importers of Records IOR take care of when they handle shipments for ports all across the world.

Commissioning Customs Brokers

Every country has a different set of customs laws and regulations needed to get the shipment clearance. IOR Global Services have their dedicated customs broker at importation destinations to oversee the clearance. In countries, where they don’t have established customs brokerage entities, they provisionally arrange them for any shipment they undertake.

Take Care of INCOTERMS

No one can know all the duties and taxes that are imposed on the basis of international commercial terms devised for any importation unless he is a global Importer of Record IOR himself. These provisions are also known as INCOTERMS and any experienced IOR Global Services take care of them for any shipper want to import anywhere in the world.

Full Compliance of Local Laws

Not all countries have the same customs laws. Nor do they have similar government entities to deal with imports/exports. However, an IOR Global Services is well aware of the local laws of any country of importation.

Whether it’s filing a certain declaration with a government regulator upon importation or getting certain certifications and authorization before loading the goods on the vessel, they take care of local customs laws beforehand for ‘smooth sailing’ of the shipment.

Why Work with an IOR Global Services?

If you have to import something into a country you don’t know much about except its name (e.g. Philippines), then any seasoned IOR Global Services can make it a breeze for you. Their expert services ensure your shipment gets the quickest customs clearance. and you can try our top notch importer of record services. and you can read more about Importer of record.