E-Commerce IOR Importer of Record Service (Amazon IOR, Noon IOR, etc…)

We Offer a Comprehensive E-Commerce Importer of Record IOR Services for a Wide Variety of Products from Electronics and Machinery to Fashion Accessories, Clothing, and a Variety of Retail Goods To & From +160 countries around the globe, combined with World-class logistics services.

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Meaning of E-Commerce IOR Importer of record

What is an E-Commerce Importer of Record? and Why E-Commerce IOR Importer of Record is it so Important for you?

This is the responsible party for an importation. The importer is legally liable for payment of duties, taxes and fees and compliance with customs and other government agency regulations pertaining to their imports. This may be the party who is buying online or receiving the imported goods, or an interested online party in the transaction who has the right to make entry under the customs regulations.

Before the import

Prepare all necessary documentation

Asset 1
Asset 3
Ensure that the
shipment matches standards
and laws of the country

On the way

Arrange delivery and tracking
of the shipment by any transport

Asset 5
There is no need to have representatives
in the country of import

After the delivery

Ensure all the custom’s standards

Asset 6
Asset 7
Provide all necessary
documentation and arrange
payment of the taxes and

GCE E-Commerce IOR Importer of Record Service:

Our Importer of Record service makes shipping of products easy, quick, and inexpensive. We can ship your products to UAE, KSA, Egypt, Jordan, and the rest of the Middle East Countries from any area in the world. We make shipping of your products hassle-free, even if you have absolutely no presence in the destination country.

When you combine our IOR with the high-quality logistical service that we provide, GCE Logistic becomes the only single partner that you need. We can fulfill your order to any destination for all global deployments.

Let us handle your next deployment order, right up to the customer’s door!

Amazon IOR E-Commerce IOR

Amazon IOR E-Commerce IOR

Benefits of Working with Importer of Record (IOR) Services for Global Procurements

Global procurement of tangible items is never an easy job and particularly not when you want to import something into a foreign country. Therefore, experts always recommend all those people who are new to international shipments to get expert IOR Importer of Record and EOR Exporter of Record services on board.

Nonetheless, many people ignore those recommendations and try to take care of imports and exports on their own. You can certainly take care of your global shipments without getting the expertise of any seasoned Importer of Record (IOR). However, there are some uncontested benefits of working with IOR services when you have to import a consignment into any foreign country.

You Don’t Need to Get Any Legal Identity in the Country of Importation

Not all countries have lenient laws for importers. A lot of paperwork and inter-departmental red tapping are part of the process that allows you to get the permit to import your goods into any other country. If you are an individual importer who is dealing with some one-time consignment, then it is very impractical to get into the long-drawn-out process of obtaining a license in the importation country.

Instead, use expert IOR services that can help you in importing the goods to the far-off destination ports. You don’t need to comply with the legal formalities of the destination country when you work with IOR services.

They Are Expert of Local Customs Laws

One needs to have a lot of shipping context under his belt in order to understand customs laws. Moreover, getting the grasp of local customs laws of foreign countries is altogether a different struggle. You don’t need to open law books to understand customs laws in order to avoid any shipment blunder if you are working with expert Importer of Record (IOR).

They Ensure Timely Delivery of the Consignment

Many people dealing with importing consignments on their own often face the problem of getting stuck at the customs checkpoint. This usually happens when you don’t know the ‘fine print’ of the laws. Experts IOR services are aware of the ways and circumventions that help them in avoiding any shipment delay in the destination country.

Lastly, Importer of Record (IOR) services smoothen out the entire shipping process that might have cultural and language barriers otherwise. You don’t have to deal with any third-party entity when you are in the loop with experienced IOR service.

Worldwide Shipments and the Role of Global Importer of Record (IOR) Services

Want to ship equipment into a country without importer of record and don’t have any prior experience of doing this? Then prepare for exhausting and time-consuming bureaucratic delays from the importation country due to your lack of knowledge. Import laws and compliances are different for every country and any one-time shipper, freight forwarder or consignee can’t be aware of them all at once.

Here, the role of global Importer of Record (IOR) services gets highlighted manifold. Global IOR services have their importation networks spread all across different countries. They have the importing licenses (if needed) of the respective destinations. They know what compliances are needed to be met in order to get the customs clearance for any country.

What Does Our E-Commerce IOR Importer of Record Service Include?

  • Complete documentation and compliance checks
  • Acquisition of import permits and licensing
  • Clearing of shipment through relevant customs authorities
  • Payment of all customs clearance charges and levies on your behalf
  • We carry out the last-mile delivery to the final consumer
  • Periodic reporting on shipment status
  • Warehousing and storage solutions
  • Temporary imports/temporary exports through third countries
  • Management of your products through customs procedures

How Does E-Commerce IOR Work?

GCE Logistics enables you to ship retail products and supplies into countries and areas where you don’t have registered business premises or the necessary import licenses, permits, or authorizations. Whether you are a major manufacturer or a small-scale supplier who’s working from a workshop, we can ship your products to customers on the other side of the globe, right up to their door.

We handle all the paperwork, permits, and requirements on your behalf. You don’t need to worry about a thing, except selling your products online.

Why Use GCE for Your logistics?

We ensure that your delivery is fully integrating with our ongoing IOR/EOR services around the world. Our robust network of in-house logistics means your shipment is completely in safe and capable hands from pickup to delivery.

Our diverse network includes land, sea, and air freight services. We are an approved Amazon Importer of Record (IOR) service provider. We are the perfect partner to take your business to the next level.

Amazon IOR Importer of Record

Amazon IOR Importer of Record

E-Commerce IOR Solutions (Amazon IOR, Noon IOR, etc…)

Are you running an online store and selling merchandise through fulfillment by Amazon FBA or other third-party service providers? We can help.

Exporting your products to another country can be pretty complex. If you don’t have the necessary network for the job, the shipment can get delayed. This can have a bad impression on the customer and negatively affect your bottom line and ratings.

We make the process of global delivery as simple as possible for you. We provide complete Amazon IOR (Amazon Importer of Record Service) so that you can focus on your core business. We have the experience of working with the US Customs and Border Protection agency as well as the European Customs union to provide a streamlined solution.

We fulfill all the requirements imposed by the US, European, and other government agencies on imports. We assist you in ensuring you have the documentation to meet regulatory requirements for the delivery of your products.

Our Standard Operating Procedure for E-Commerce IOR

Hiring our e-commerce IOR service is as easy as counting 1, 2, 3! Here is our 7-step process to get your product shipped easily and effortlessly.

  1. Just get in touch and fill above quote form to reach our service reps. Makes sure you provide them with the following information
    1. Name of product to be shipped
    2. Value of product
    3. Quantity of product
    4. Volume of product (In case of liquid or uncountable products)
    5. Weight of product
    6. Destination address
    7. Country of origin
    8. Country of shipping
    9. Preferred mode of transport (Air freight is quicker but more expensive)
    10. Product HS-code
    11. Incoterms
    12. Datasheets
  2. Once we get the minimum information about the product to be shipped, we will revert back to the customer about the estimated duties and taxes that they will need to pay. We will also inform them about the requisite documents and approvals required for the shipment.
  3. After the customer has accepted the order delivery, they will need to sign a service agreement with GCE for the commencement of delivery.
  4. At this stage, the client may send specific shipping instructions to GCE. These include
    1. IOR name to use on the documents
    2. Specific shipping and documentation instruction and how the products should look like
  5. GCE will make a final check on all the documents we have received and confirm the shipment delivery after getting all approvals from concerned authorities.
  6. Once the products are in transit, GCE will track the delivery and do its utmost to get it cleared through the customs.
  7. Finally, the product is delivered to its final destination.

Our Delivery Destinations

We offer quick and reliable delivery for your products. We work with the business’s clients from more than 160+ countries around the world. We offer e-commerce IOR for the following.

USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, Singapore, China, India, Malaysia, Korea, UK, France, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and the rest of Europe. We work with businesses that specifically create products for the Middle East market and want to ship to KSA, UAE, and Egypt, among other Middle East Countries and vice versa from Middle East to rest of the world.

With our service, you will get the complete benefit of our E-Commerce Importer of Record IOR.

An Excellent Standard of Customer Service

We have been involved in the shipping business as importers of record for more than 28+ years now. We understand the importance of delivering shipments on time, in a safe and reliable manner.

We are experts in this area and tailor our solutions for each case on an individual basis. Our prices for shipping services are very competitive when compared against other providers, while our quality of service is nothing short of excellent.

GCE Logistics has a record of providing Importer of Record IOR with the most cost-effective, safe, and reliable delivery service in the globe.

Read more about importer of record here:

What we do as IOR – Importer of Record

  • Do compliance assessment
  • Act as an importer for customs and taxation declaration purposes at the time of import
  • Prepare reports to Customs, Tax and other state agencies, be responsible for legal compliance and inventory registry during the term of imports.
  • Obtain necessary import licenses and permits.
  • Maintain records for the minimum duration required by the customer and under local Law
  • Pay all import and export duties and taxes
  • Provide storage and warehousing service, if required by customer.

Customer Benefits:

  • GCE Logistics will perform compliance assessment to define import restrictions (import licenses, import permits, certification required), acquisition process and timeline for permits and certification, customs taxes, duties and charges.
  • Simplification of shipments customs clearance – GCE Logistics is a licensed customs broker with highly efficient and experienced staff.
  • GCE Logistics will provide legal entity to act as an Importer of Record (IOR) – this will save the customer costs of establishing legal entities in the country – office and warehouse rent or purchasing, staff salary, salary taxes and hardship allowances.