Learn how to manage risks of your project cargo

Billions of dollars of Project-critical equipment is shipped around the world each year. There are a lot of different risks associated with these shipments due to nature of the cargo, transport logistics and tight timeframes. However, failures and accidents on this kind of shipping can quickly turn a $10 million cargo into a $100 million prejudice, when factors such as re-fabrication, shipping, expenses, lost profits and other operational costs are contemplated.

Considering all these risks and the great financial impact and prejudice they could result on, today’s post intends to inform you about what to do to avoid any problems when shipping a project cargo, by telling you how to manage risks and protect assets. Check out some of the tips we came up with below!


1. Choose a reliable company to be in charge of your project cargo

The first step to a successful project cargo shipping is to choose a reliable freight forwarder to conduct the operation. GCE Logistics, for example, has all the expertise, resources and capacity to design effective project cargo solutions to the most diverse demands you might have. We customize our project cargo service according to how critical your cargo is, and our experienced staff covers many different industries, including heavy machinery and other delicate products.

GCE’s project cargo team counts with high level professionals, that are ready to design a complete and integrated solution to handle your project cargo – from engineering, transportation and logistics to risk consulting and claims.


2. Make sure there are risk consultants to analyze your project cargo

Analyzing the risks involved into the transportation of every project cargo is essential to reduce the chance of having a financial damage related to the cargo. This is why, as part of choosing a reliable freight forwarder to conduct your project cargo operations, you should choose a company that has an experienced team of risk consultants and analysts. This way, they can tell you what risks you will be exposed to during transportation and how to protect your cargo and yourself from having any prejudice in case one of them actually happened.

At GCE Logistics, we have a reliable network of risk consultants and engineers. This experienced team will analyze all aspects of your project and consider all exposures. By doing this, they will lead you to the right solution in terms of route, modal of transportation, security methods used, etc.


3. Use an insurance with a wide coverage of damage/risks

When it comes to project cargo, even more importantly than choosing a reliable freight forwarding company is to hire a good insurance plan for your cargo. After you have risk consultants analyzing your project, you will have some ground to decide which insurance you should use in order to protect yourself from being financially damaged or for having any other kind of prejudice.

At GCE Logistics, for example, we offer full coverage insurance plans, which give our customers piece of mind and complete protection in case an incident happens during their project cargo transportation.

Now that you know managing cargo projects requires special expertise, care and detailing, you are ready to choose a good company to handle your project demands. At GCE, we have built a formidable reputation in Project Cargo Logistics and heavy lift shipments with our dedicated operations team who have a thorough understanding of handling cargo's with ports, customs and transport agencies. We offer innovative Project Cargo Handling solutions as well as technical engineering services to manage the project completely from start to finish, ensuring timely delivery of your valuable goods.

Over the years, we have managed several high-value project cargoes, offering our customers world-class Project Cargo Services at minimum costs. Regardless of the shipment's destination, our team handles every consignment in a customized manner, planning and engineering all the required points in detail.

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