Importing Requirements and the Role of Importer of Record IOR Services for Philippines

The degree of difficulty in importing goods into the Philippines is the same as it is for any other Southeast Asian county. Many first time vendors who have to import anything into the Philippines don’t know about the innumerable rules and regulations they have to take care of. In all such scenarios, Importer of Record services IOR for Philippines can be of great help.

Nevertheless, we are going to share the list of documents you will require for importing goods into the Philippines.

  • The commercial or pro-forma invoice of the shipment.
  • Bill of Lading is required if you are importing goods into the Philippines through sea freight.
  • In some instances, the Philippines Customs also ask for the certificate of origin. Mostly, it is needed to invoke tax waive offs under Free Trade Agreements.
  • Supplemental Declaration on Valuation is a document exclusive to Philippines Customs that is needed to be furnished after notarization to clear the shipment.
  • Philippines Customs also ask for advanced tax ruling if it was utilized in the goods declaration.
  • If your importing goods consist of breakbulk and bulk importations, then you might have to furnish the discharge port survey or load port survey reports.
  • Tax debit memos and tax credit certificates are also required in some instance as the evidence for getting an exemption on duties and taxes.

Why You Should Use Importer of Record IOR Services for Philippines?

The laundry list of documents that you have to furnish all by yourself while importing goods into the Philippines is enough reason to avail the expertise of Importer of Record IOR service for the Philippines. But there are some other solid reasons as well.

For Compliance with Local Laws: It’s not easy to be aware of all the unique and complicated local laws of your importing country. By getting any seasoned Importer of Record service IOR for the Philippines on board, you can get around this issue.

For Getting Maximum Tax Exemptions: A considerable amount of money can be saved if one knows the ins and outs of tax exemption policies of the Philippines. Seasoned Importer of Record IOR services for Philippines have all this knowledge and make sure that their clients get the best possible tax exemptions on their shipping goods.

Last but not least, you can focus on your core business while Importer of Record service IOR for the Philippine will take care of your shipments. From custom pre-approval to tax rebates, they can take care of every phase of the importation.

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