The importance of having a car shipping insurance

Car shipping insurance is crucial, and today we’re going to explain why.

When a vehicle is shipped we need to avoid any damage that may happen during transport. GCE always takes care to avoid all possible damages and we guarantee it from everything on our side. Unfortunately, accidents can happen during the process. Therefore, it's important to ensure any load against accidents, theft and other possible damage that cannot be controlled. A maritime path, for example, can be interfered with climate conditions. By land, accidents may occur, as well as in air transport.

By hiring insurance, it's very important that the company is fully transparent with their customers. Clarifying doubts and describing all damage that can be covered by the insurance. it's essential that the customer can choose one that best suits their needs

It's the company obligation to draw up a contract with all the conditions provided by the insurance option chosen by the customer, which must receive a copy of the contract signed by both parties.

To avoid problems that insurance can't cover, it's advised to the owner of the car to remove all objects that are loose inside it, and protect any parts that can come loose or be fragile. Taking these precautions, the owner reduces the risk of damage to the vehicle and other head-each.

GCE guarantees quality, care, and safety in all deliveries. To learn more about car shipping insurance, please contact us.

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