If your company is planning to import goods, it’s important to know all the benefits of IOR service.

To import any product to a serviced country, your company must have a physical presence or an agent is the import destination. The branch or the responsible person will be in charge of taking care of all the legal obligations enforced by the destination country’s customs. But having a representability abroad is not that simple, right?

If your company doesn’t have a representative in the importing country, it can use IOR services. The IOR – Importer of Record – is the entity responsible for ensuring the imported goods comply with all local laws, filing duty entry documents and paying import taxes for those goods. Hiring a freight forwarding company that provides IOR services, as GCE Logistics, can make your international shipping smooth and hassle free.

Check out how an Importer of Record can benefit your business ( Benefits of IOR service ):

  • It will perform compliance assessment to define import restrictions;
  • It will simplify shipments’ customs clearance;
  • It will be responsible for all compliance and inventory registry;
  • It will save the customer costs of establishing legal entities in the country;
  • It will provide storage and warehousing service if required by customer;
  • It will maintain records for the minimum duration required by the customer and under local law.

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GCE Logistics is the most reliable IOR provider in the Middle East. Our company offers low-cost solutions for companies that do not have a direct presence in the country where the goods should be imported to. Learn more about our Importer of Record services.