If you are helming an online business and looking to scale it up, then you have two options: either carve out a new space in your current market or go on and explore new ones. Persisting in your existing market has its benefits, but there are strong chances that you won’t be able to make significant gains, that’s why you need to venture something called: Noon Seller Lab / Noon Partners

On the other hand, going into a new market is simultaneously a risky and exciting prospect. But if rightly pulled off, it can truly pay off. If you have decided to go big with foraying into a new marketplace, then the Middle East is an option worth considering. To begin with, it is one of the biggest consolidated marketplaces of the continent.

Moreover, consumer buying power in the region is also one of the highest, even in the global index. Lastly, the Middle East is not brimming with the e-commerce competition you experience at home. No matter if you are new and inexperienced, the odds are in your favor if you enter the market while taking the right steps (in which Importers of Record are going to play a significant role).

Let’s pick the UAE as your destination in the Middle Eastern region. You can sell directly to consumers in the Emirates. However, it involves so much work that a small and medium-sized online store can’t afford to manage it in its limited resources. If you are sure about entering the UAE as an online seller but without exhausting your operational budget and tiring your team out, then here’s a suggestion: Do it through the Noon marketplace that is commonly called Noon Seller Lab / Noon Partners.

Noon is a large e-commerce platform like Amazon. It won’t be wrong to call it the Middle Eastern Amazon.  There are various reasons why you should enter your prospective Middle Eastern Market through Noon Seller Lab / Noon Partners instead of taking a solo flight.

1) Good Market Reputation and Online Footprint

For an online store, the first thing it needs in the new market is a good reputation and customers’ trust. No one is going to place an order on a website they stumble upon while random surfing and mainly when an overseas operator is hosting it. Middle Eastern customers, in particular, are more skeptical of new ventures and sellers and prefer to stick with their long-time vendors. If you don’t want to remain in that initial struggling phase of earning a reputation while working on once-in-a-while orders, then Noon Seller Lab / Noon Partners is the place where from where you need to start.

Noon ranks 14 in the UAE. It falls in the top 50 most visited websites all across the Middle East. This shows that it has become a household name among the consumers in the region.  On the other hand, the website of your online retail store can’t get into the top 500 even if you can pull off a successful online marketing stint.

So, Noon Seller Lab / Noon Partners—a $1-billion e-commerce platform— can give you the kickstart you need. Importers of Record can help you in entering the Noon Seller Lab / Noon Partners. How? We will discuss this in the later section of the blog.

2) No Infrastructure, No On-Ground Staff Needed

Gone are the days when businesses needed to establish a whole setup for entering a new nationwide market. From establishing offices and warehouses to hiring local staff and sending your managers and supervisors to the region, adding a new country to your market is no mean task. That’s the reason why it was always large conglomerates and state-owned companies that dared to go overseas.

Internet and e-commerce have changed these dynamics altogether. Now you don’t need to be Fortune 500 to start your operations in new countries. You can do it without spending a single buck on establishing any infrastructure or investing in human resources.

Let’s take the example of Noon.com, it offers you to use its warehouses and extensive operational setup to scale up your business. You don’t need to pay hefty depot rants in Emirates if you are using Fulfilled by Noon. It works similar to FBA, where you need to send your products to Amazon, and it takes care of the rest— from packing to shipping.

Similarly, you also don’t need to hire country representatives to work on Noon Sellers Lab. If you are working with any good e-commerce IOR Importer of Record, you don’t need to worry about the communication with Noon representatives. E-commerce IOR experts will take care of it.

You can work in the Middle Eastern market without having any physical footprint in the region if you are selling through Noon and working with a seasoned seller IOR. You will certainly need to pay the Noon Seller Lab / Noon Partners for their fulfillment services and IORs for their importation, clearance services. However, this amount is nothing in comparison to the high upfront costs you will need to set up your supply-chain machinery.

3) More Effective and Streamlined Promotions Through Noon Seller Lab / Noon Partners

As mentioned earlier, marketing in an entirely new market pays minimal dividends. If you are using the same marketing budget for an overseas market that you use in your consumer habitat, then honestly, it is not going to make any difference. Here too, Noon Seller Lab / Noon Partners will come to your rescue and will give you good exposure in the new market. You will get this effective publicity and coverage in the fraction of the budget you are supposed to spend on standalone promotions. Besides getting enlisted in the respective category on the website with your product, your business also gets online traction by appearing in the side and below bars that show similar products.

Reaching out to potential consumers this way is better than spending money on aggressive and counterproductive marketing like pop-up ads.

4) Ease of Use for Noon Seller Lab / Noon Partners

Selling your products through Noon Seller Lab / Noon Partners is as easy as it gets. The e-commerce platform has made sure that you don’t snub their services because of its complexity and red-tapping. Anyone can become a seller on Noon within 48 hours no matter where they are originally operating from. Similarly, the payment process is also quite hassle-free. You can receive your revenue every week without any delays and deferred payments.

With such smooth sailing on Noon Seller Lab / Noon Partners, you don’t need to hire even a single person to deal with the matters at Noon Seller Lab / Noon Partners’s end. You can easily blend that in your multitasking.

All things considered, selling and scaling through Noon Sellers lab only entail benefits for any small and medium online enterprise. You can churn profits in places where you don’t have any physical presence or earlier business connections. But to have a winning liaison between your business and Noon Seller Lab / Noon Partners, you need to take in the proficiency of an expert e-commerce IOR Importer of Record. Keep in mind that all the benefits of operating through Noon Seller Lab / Noon Partners are valid as long as you are working with a seasoned Importer of Record. There are multiple reasons why such is the case.

The Lift up the Entire Burden of Import

Yes, Fulfillment by Noon ensures great inventory management and delivery system. But to avail this facility, you need to make sure that your products are present in its Noon’s warehouses. In other words, importing products that you sell and delivering them to Noon fulfillment centers is your job. A seasoned Importer of Record can do this job for you.

Work with an Importer of Record that has ample experience of working on the ports located in the Middle East. This way, you can rule out all the possible shipment delays.

They Can Act as a Seller on Your Behalf Through Noon IOR Importer of Record

Noon wants companies to be registered in the UAE, the KSA or Egypt with a valid trade license to avail its Seller Lab’s services. Similarly, there are many requirements that you need to fulfill with respect to the country (Egypt, Jordan, etc.) you want to work in. You can certainly register your business in Middle Eastern countries. However, you can’t avoid the long-drawn-out red-tapping it entails.

If you want to focus on your core business with undivided attention, then you can work with Seller IORs. You can even find a specialist Noon IOR Importer of Record that has the seller access on the platform and can sell products on your behalf. In other words, you won’t have to get into any documentation process to operate through the Seller Lab if you are working with a Noon IOR Importer of Record.

To sum it all up, a seller IOR can facilitate your entry in the Noon Seller Lab / Noon Partners, and from there, you can scale up your business across the length and breadth of the Middle Eastern e-commerce market.